about me

i’m jaqueline - a maker, a dreamer, an optimist, but first of all a mother.
i founded little pearls out of my passion for high quality childrenswear and because i wanted to bring one of my favourite styles of baby shoes to you.
when my younger sister was a baby, my mother used to buy her these germanic baby shoes, which i’ve loved ever since. years later i searched for them for my little ones, but wasn't really satisfied with the quality. so i started making them myself. 
i created these shoes using the softest, non toxic, chrome-free leather i could find on the european market and updated the pattern design a bit. i owe a huge thank you to my little sister (yes, the one who used to wear them 25 years ago) for helping me work out the pattern.
i’d also like to introduce you to a little, but fine selection of some of my favourite children’s clothing brands. all made with love from high quality materials that are designed to last.
all brands have been tested, approved and loved by my daughters and me. their style is timeless and they can be handed down to younger family members or friends for years to come. i love to see my youngest daughter playing in her preloved clothes that were once worn by her big sisters. and to relive all the wonderful memories through each garment.
i aim for high quality clothing with a transparent production line rather than a large quantity of things. and even if you really want to shop for a large quantity ;-), you’ll find not only beautiful but also sustainable and ethically produced garments, made from natural fibres. 
only the best for your little pearls.
thank you for stopping by,